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(1)Personalized career consulting using the assessment tool Lumina

Lumina is an assessment tool used by the world’s leading corporations. We will use it in our consulting services so as to help you choose and develop an ideal career based on your interests, abilities, values, and other attributes.

Have these thoughts ever crossed your mind? Lumina
  • I don’t know what type of job is suitable for me or what my strengths are. I want to know what they are.
  • I want to review my career and upgrade it.
  • I want to change jobs but don’t know how to go about it.
  • I want to crystallize my career path and chart its course.
We will help you surmount your challenge through deeper self-understanding by using the British invented assessment tool Lumina!

Lumina is an assessment tool adopted by the world’s leading corporations such as Microsoft, Coca-Cola, and Mitsui Corporation. We will base our consultation on your test results of Lumina so your better self-awareness will lead you to the solution.

You are in for major discoveries!
  • You will know your areas of strength as well as of weakness.
  • You will understand how you change depending on the circumstances—the Underlying (immanent) self, the Everyday self, and the Overextended (stressed) self.
  • You will be able to recognize jobs which are fit for you and those which will never suit you.
  • You will identify your communication style and habits to beware of.
Consulting contents
  • Assessment and diagnosis by Lumina
  • Consultation based on the diagnosis
About LuminaAbout Lumina

Constructed on the foundation of Jungian psychoanalysis and the personality traits according to the Big Five Inventory, Lumina is the world’s cutting-edge tool for personality assessment and self-analysis designed by the British company Lumina Learning based on the latest empirical research by the University of Westminster.

Based on 4 colors, Lumina helps you understand yourself

  • Organized, Observing, Reliable, Objective, Evidence based.
  • Intimate, Collaborative, Evolving, Empowering, Calming.
  • Sociable, Spontaneous, Imaginative, Cheerful, Demonstrative.
  • Purposeful, Direct, Bold, Competitive, Takes Charge.

Based on 24 behavioral qualities and 3 personas, Lumina helps you understand yourself under three changing circumstancesBased on 24 behavioral qualities and your persona

3 personas:

  • The Underlying self (Your natural persona)
  • The Everyday self (Your persona at the workplace)
  • The OverExtended self (Your persona under stress)

The table to the right describes the details of the 24 behavioral qualities in numbers and bars. It shows whether you are successful at leveraging your innate strengths (your Underlying persona) at your workplace (manifesting as your Everyday persona). Conversely, you can check if you are in a job / profession where you are forced to extensively exercise your areas of natural weakness.

Samples of career counseling based on Lumina

Case of a manager of the legal department

Case of a manager of the legal department

Confirmation that he was in the right profession

Based on the fact that he was cautious, evidence focused, and structured, as well as introverted, it became clear that he was in the right profession. He will attain success if he entertains no ambition beyond his current level since he does not have enough toughness or big picture thinking. I advised that, if he wished to change jobs, he makes a lateral move as manager at the same level as his present position. He was reassured to know that the best course of action was to remain where he was. He thanked me a lot to sort out his future career path when he was at a career crossroads.

Case of a secretary

Case of a secretary

Contemplating a new career path because of a job mismatch

She was sociable, tough, and people focused. However, she could not pay attention to details. She was frequently reprimanded by her boss about small mistakes. It was a classic case of being in the wrong job. As I discovered that she was interested in Internet business and that a member of her family would take care of the logistic end of business, such as collection and shipping, I advised her to gradually shift to a career path more suitable for her.

Case of a former salesperson with an IT company (currently in the job market)

Case of a former salesperson with an IT company (currently in the job market)

Narrowing down from three options to a project manager track

At first glance, she gave the impression of a sales type. A close study of the Lumina test results revealed that she was not so competitive. She showed a mild interest in the counseling profession, but I advised her against it since she was not empathetic enough. However, various types of job were suited to her. On the strength of her being discipline driven, evidence focused, and purposeful, I first narrowed down her options to project management, finance, and procurement. In the end, she picked the project manager track in light of her interest.


In person : ¥29,000 (tax included) / 1 hour On-line : ¥26,000 (tax included)
You will answer the assessment tool’s questions online in advance.
* We offer consulting via ZOOM for those who do not live in the Tokyo metro area.


To apply, click here.

The flow from application to consultation

  • – The flow from application to consultation
  • – Pay the fee by bank transfer in advance.
  • – Answer the questions online.
  • – We will set up a feedback day and time and give you a one-hour briefing face to face or via Skype.

Customer feedback

I was able to make the right decision at a major turning point.

I was contemplating changing jobs for a number of reasons, although I was in my area of expertise. When my wife remonstrated with me to seek a job offer from a stable large corporation, I was thrown into indecision since I myself was vaguely inclined to join a venture company. Indeed, I was diffident about joining a venture in my 40s in light of my physical and mental powers. It was under such a circumstance that I encountered Lumina. I am truly thankful that the consultant persuasively demonstrated to me that I am fit for venture business and that I would not flourish in a large corporation. I am grateful that this experience has helped me make the right decision at this major turning point in my life.

I became privy to the hiring side’s logic!

I was reassured to be informed by Lumina that I am in the right field. I was genuinely surprised to be told in no uncertain terms that my communication style has little room for sustaining and developing human relationships, with the result that people around me may regard me as rather heartless. Come to think of it, my staff members often do tell me that I am “cool” in an uncomplimentary sense. I will see what I can to mend my ways accordingly in the office.
In terms of changing jobs, my biggest takeaway was to become privy to the hiring side’s logic: “What are the human resources people looking out for?” I was unconsciously too hung up on selling myself to be mindful of what the hiring side may be thinking. The mock interview was helpful in building up my confidence.

(2)Proofreading and brushing up your English resume



¥11,000(tax included)


To apply, click here.

The flow from application to consultation

  1. Pay the fee by bank transfer in advance.
  2. Send us your resume as a Word attachment.
  3. As a rule, we will work on your resume and return it to you within 48 hours. (If there are unusual circumstances such as going on a business trip abroad, we will let you know beforehand.)

Customer feedback

 A resume is written for HR, not for my own satisfaction!

I wanted to know if my resume was good enough, in both contents and format, from the vantage point of human resources. I came away with the reconfirmation that a resume should be written for the human resources personnel of corporations and not for one’s own personal satisfaction. It was instructive to know what format is reader-friendly.

 Tips for English resume and interview boosted my self-confidence to try for a foreign-owned company.

I had long wanted to work for a foreign-owned company. Assuming that they have a screening process different than Japanese corporations, I had felt the need to understand where and how these differences manifest themselves. This workshop taught me what to bear in mind in drafting an English resume and also how to prepare for an interview. It has boosted my self-confidence. I am glad I took it!

(3)Mock interview (available in both Japanese and English)

On the strength of 25 years’ hands-on experience in human resources with foreign capital firms across several industries, the consultant is well placed to know the hiring side’s logic—what human resources personnel look out for and what points they pay close attention to. In this workshop, the consultant gives simulated interviews and offers practical advice.

Do you ever wonder what goes on in an interview with foreign-owned corporations? For instance, you may be entertaining questions such as “What will they ask me?” “How shall I best promote myself?” “Will they switch to English at some point?” If that is the case, this workshop is for you.


In Japanese ¥17,000(tax included) / 1 hour
In English ¥17,000(tax included) / 1 hour


To apply, click here.

The flow from application to consultation

  1. Pay the fee by bank transfer in advance.
  2. We will conduct a mock interview based on the resume you have brought along.
  3. The consultant will offer feedback from the perspective of the interviewer.
  4. We will conduct another mock interview, this time with a different set of questions.
  5. The consultant will offer feedback again.
    (This consultation is available by Skype.)

Customer feedback

The mock English interview gave me confidence before the first interview with a foreign capital company.

I was trying to gain employment with a foreign capital company for the first time. When the headhunter warned me that the interviewer might switch to English at some point, I was worried because my English proficiency isn’t so high, nor did I have any idea what they would ask me. That is how I came to sign up for this workshop immediately before the scheduled interview. The consultant demonstrated to me how an interviewer would smoothly switch from Japanese to English. This experience helped me stay clear of uptightness at the actual interview. Furthermore, the consultant gave me some concrete tips, which I managed to practice at the real interview. To illustrate, she gave me the feedback, “You are too modest. Try to sell yourself more. For example, you could have responded in the following manner to that question…” Thank you very much.

With a TOEIC score of 750, I got the knack of an English interview with two mock interviews.

I am okay with daily conversations but I am by nature shy. Moreover, I was up for an English interview as the final stage in my interviewing process, which left me fretful. That is why I took this workshop. I was grateful after the first mock interview when the consultant pointed out my English communication habits which I had been unaware of, for instance, “You tend to speak rapidly and run out of steam soon. Your English would sound more fluent if you deliberately slowed down and spoke uninterruptedly,” and “You nod too often when you listen to the interviewer. This habit creates the impression that you are not so comfortable in English.” Admittedly, I was insecure during the second mock interview as the consultant asked me a different set of questions. But the experience taught me the important lesson that I need to take a deep breath and respond flexibly.

(4)English presentation training course – Private

The Japanese go through the education system without learning presentation skills, with the result that, despite our English proficiency, the Japanese are not good at presentations. Many attendees of Sejinjuku, run by AT Globe, are struggling to improve their presentation skills.
In the English-speaking world, you are expected to clearly state your opinion in front of people. This means that they will judge your talent and performance based on how your short, 10- to 20-minute presentation came out. Presentation skills, therefore, are a key business skill.
The consultant will give you a one-on-one lesson, leveraging her presentation skills honed during her 25 years’ career track with foreign-owned corporations and her acute powers of observation developed in the human resources field.


First, the consultant will review with you the constituent parts of a presentation. Then she will turn the focus on you, identifying your habits and areas of weakness. She will closely work with you to rectify them.



  • – Presentation prepared beforehand Take 1
  • – Presentation: Understanding the audience
  • – Presentation: Structuring it
  • – Presentation: Making slides
  • – Presentation: Delivering it
  • – Presentation: Q&A
  • – One-on-one tutoring through Take 4
I will work with you!p4_01

I love making presentations. I was born that way. In addition, I received thorough training in English presentations in the course of 25 years that I worked for foreign-owned firms.
While I was head of human resources with DHL Japan, 12 executives including the CEO came to Japan office from the German head office. Of the three chosen presenters, I was the only Japanese person. When I finished my presentation, the CEO called me over and said, “That was excellent.”
I will work with you one-on-one, mobilizing the presentation skills I have acquired and the powers of observation sharpened in my human resources career.
Mikako Suzuki
President, AT Globe / Producer of global talent

Required time

4 hours


¥60,000(tax excluded)


To apply, click here.

Customer feedback

She pointed out my problematic habits and advised me how to change them.

As I frequently make a presentation as president to foreign clients, I had taken a presentation training seminar before. I learned the theory all right but didn’t get around to quite understanding how it applied to me. I decided to take Micky’s one-on-one tutoring because of her strong experience with foreign capital corporations. I appreciated her pointing out several problematic habits of mine and advising me how to change them. For example, it had never occurred to me that I mumble “Uh” frequently, that I nod too often during Q&A, or that my slides contained too many words to be effective. I intend to carry out her dictum: “A president should use slides befitting a president.”

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