Welcome to the homepage of AT Globe.

Welcome to the homepage of AT Globe. It has been quite a while since words such as “global,” “globalized,” and “globalization” entered common vocabulary. However, it has not been accompanied by a notable increase in the number of Japanese who can do business with non-Japanese people on an equal footing. What is responsible for this? In the first place, the overall English proficiency of the nation as a whole has not improved. Secondly, a widespread misunderstanding persists that English conversation skills are all it takes to effectively work with foreign business people.   We at AT Globe believe that true global talent obtains when one is receptive to diversity and is capable of thinking logically, asserting oneself, and making presentations in English. We make it our mission to develop global talent who are able to confidently engage with anyone in the world while proudly affirming their Japanese identity. To this end, we plan, organize, and offer an imaginative array of support programs starting with our global talent training school, Sejinjuku.