The Sejinjuku Method

Sejinjuku stands for a school devoted to training global talent who can rise to the challenge anywhere in this interconnected world.

Specifically, our objective is to develop those with TOEIC scores of 700 and above into global talent open to diversity and capable of thinking logically, being assertive, and making presentations in English. *Note : TOEIC is Test of English for International Communication.

(Sejinjuku is, thus, not a school for just improving one’s English proficiency or learning the theoretical principles of logical thinking.)

Feature 1: It is a workshop format that meets every two weeks. At the beginning of the lecture, each student will make a speech in English, which will be videotaped to identify and correct bad speech habits and to acquire effective presentation skills.
Feature 2: We will conduct a part of the lecture in English so the students will learn to think logically in English.
Feature 3: We will proofread and correct the English essays submitted for each session.

The Principal Profile

Mikako Suzuki
President, AT Globe, Inc.p4_01

Upon University graduation, Micky Suzuki kicked off her career track in Human Resources by joining GE Japan. She moved on to Morgan Stanley and then to DHL Japan where she served as HR Director. Without any experience living and working abroad, Micky applied herself and mastered English on her own, scoring 960 on TOEIC. On the strength of her linguistic aptitude and her hands-on experience upgrading her career in foreign capital companies, she is amply qualified to explain in details why things work differently in international communications and interactions. Besides taking the helm at Sejinjuku, Micky offers corporate training in team building, career development, and effective global communication skills.

Target Audience

Business people with TOEIC scores of 700 or higher who aspire to acquire the requisite skills—including but in no way limited to English proficiency—to become global talent capable of rising to the challenge in the contemporary world.

Seminar Contents

Session 1: English writing—How to write clear and plain emails/reports in English
Session 2: Diversity—How to grasp your strengths and weaknesses and use that understanding to improve your communication skills in a diversified environment (Utilize Lumina assessment tool)
Session 3: Logical thinking—How to think and speak logically
Session 4: Presentation skills—How to structure, make slides, and deliver presentations
Session 5: Assertiveness—How to express your view and assert yourself
Session 6: Final lesson—Galvanizing all the skills we have learned, let’s make a 10-minute presentation and choose the best speaker!
We will proofread and correct the English essays submitted for each session.


Each term runs three months, consisting of a total of six sessions meeting every other week.

For details in Japanese, click here.


Standard Meeting Room, Akasaka Salon

The Kokado Building, 8F, 1-3-18, Akasaka, Minato ward, Tokyo
Take Tokyo Metro (the Ginza Line or the Namboku Line) and get off at Tameike-sanno Station. It is a three-minute walk from Exit 9.


¥149,000 (tax included)

For details in Japanese,
Check Sejinjuku Homepage

Sejinjuku Open Seminaropenseminar

We offer a two-hour digest version of the three-month seminar for those who wish to learn the fundamentals of global talent in one sitting and those who are pondering signing up for the regular seminar.

Fee: ¥5,000 (tax included)
For schedule and details in Japanese, click here.


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