Leadership seminars

Since human resources represent an invaluable asset of a company, it makes a big difference to its earnings whether it has a lineup of leaders capable of developing the employees. In a demanding office environment, management tends to place a premium on each leader’s expertise and experience in the relevant skill area. However, it is also vital for management to develop leaders capable of motivating their staff and fully leveraging each member’s talent and potential.

1. Seminar using Lumina Leader


lumina05This seminar uses Lumina Leader to help you attain a deeper understanding of your distinct leadership style—both its strengths and areas for improvement—so you may exercise it more effectively. It is generally assumed that leadership consists in actively leading the staff. This seminar shows you that there is more than one type of leadership. As you learn the four main types of leadership, you will be able to objectively review your own tendency and will also learn that, depending on the person concerned, you need to somewhat adjust your leadership style.
Moreover, by reflecting on the mistakes each leadership type is liable to make, you will learn to avoid them. Through exercises, you will learn to develop the leadership quality to flexibly respond depending on the person concerned while you retain your own core leadership style.

Training method 1: All-day seminar

You will have a chance to review your distinct leadership style. We will create a concrete action plan for you to narrow and close the gap between where you are and where you want to go.

Training method 2: All-day seminar + follow-up seminar

After helping you realize your distinct leadership style and creating an action plan for the future, it will offer you a series of half-day sessions in which you will work on the skills in need of improvement.
These skills include delegation of authority, coaching method, effective feedback, understanding diversity, and assertiveness.

Program content

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Lumina Leader
1-day seminar
Delegation of authority
Half-day seminar
Coaching I
Half-day seminar
Coaching II
Half-day seminar
Half-day seminar
Half-day seminar

Customer feedback

  • I’ll be mindful of being “effective” in the office starting tomorrow.

    I used to think that being a manager means leading the staff with a strong hand. I wasn’t aware that there are other styles of leadership. This seminar both reassured me in my own leadership style and got me to realize that it may backfire unless I use it effectively. From tomorrow on, I’ll take special care to be “effective” in my role as leader in the office.

  • The lecturer’s accounts of hands-on experiences were helpful.

    I appreciated the fact that the lecturer is someone with rich management experiences and that she shared with us her success stories as well as not-so-successful ones. Her accounts had a strong sense of reality and were easy to understand and digest. I’m positive that I’ll be able to put what I’ve learned to practice in the office because she gave us practical advice in addition to theory.

  • The follow-up session gave me a chance to work on my weak skills.

    I found it useful that the seminar first got me to recognize my own leadership style and then followed up with an opportunity for me to work on my weak skills. Delegation of authority is my weak area; I tend to fall into the trap of micromanagement. So the session on this skill was particularly helpful. I think it’s a brilliant insight that delegation is to be done in degrees, according to the five levels of the person concerned.

2.Seminar for women who are in management positions and/or are leader


seminar-fem04Based on the lecturer’s own experience as a female human resources director, this seminar focuses on how women may advance to managerial positions in a still male-dominant society. In addition to what is usually covered in a standard leadership seminar, it will discuss such topics as work-life balance, how to avoid getting emotional, the importance of logical thinking, and role model vs. mentor.

Customer feedback:

  • The accurate Lumina result took my breath away!

    It took my breath away right at the outset when the Lumina result so accurately described me. The discussion of work in the work-life balance section was truly instructive. The lecturer was very persuasive when she explained why it is necessary to avoid becoming emotional and to speak logically. I’m going to keep these points in mind from tomorrow on.

  • It changed the way I think.

    It left a lasting impression on me when the lecturer, based on her and her business associate’s experiences, firmly stated, “One needs a mentor but not necessarily a role model.” It triggered something in me, and I’m beginning to think that it may be all up to me.

Main features of Lumina Leader

Leadership has four styles: Leading with Drive, Leading with Vision, Leading through People, and Leading to Deliver.

As each style has four constitutive elements, there are 16 items in total under which you may check your score and identify your distinct leadership tendency.

The Lumina Leader model shows you both numerically and visually what results when leadership is exercised effectively as well as when it is overdone. We will create an action plan in view of what you can do to always exercise your leadership effectively.