Lecture on global talent for Ph.D. students at Nagoya University (Language : English)

On June 19, I was invited to deliver a lecture for Leading Graduate Schools with Nagoya University. I spoke to their doctoral students on “Communication Skills for Global Talents” in English. They were part of the university’s Leadership Development Program for Space Engineering and Research. These Ph.D. candidates need to read and write papers in the English language. Moreover, speaking and listening proficiency seemed a must since there were some Chinese and Vietnamese students enrolled in the program.

In my lecture, I stressed that English proficiency itself does not make a person a global talent. True global talent, I proposed, consists in the ability to use English as a tool for embracing diversity and making presentations and assertions in a logical manner. I went on to address what the crucial requirements are. I was impressed and encouraged by the enthusiastic participation of the audience as we undertook some exercises on the spot. This experience reassured me that I am blessed to be in a profession to support our next generation in this globalized age.


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